A very beautiful, relaxed setting for your gathering, celebration or retreat.

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Are you looking for somewhere to hold a workshop or retreat? Or a venue for a gathering or celebration, or just a weekend away with a group of friends? Do you want a beautiful, peaceful environment with a relaxed, low-key atmosphere? If you want somewhere within easy reach of Christchurch, and you don’t want to pay the Earth for it, then Okuti Garden might be just what you’re looking for. We have a flexible approach to how the garden is used. The earth brick studio and yurts can be used for workshops or as gathering spaces and various other parts of the garden can be used in different ways. The maximum number of people for an event in the garden is about 50 and we can provide accommodation for up to 15. You can cook your own meals either in the garden or we can cook for you. We specialize in vegetarian feasts using as many fresh ingredients from the garden as possible. If you think that Okuti Garden may be the venue you’re looking for, then please contact us, or come and visit so that we can discuss your needs and work out exactly how we might meet them.

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